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Director Scheduling Software

The Power To Do More

Robust, proven software with integrated inventory management


  • Design customized user interfaces to simplify setup and reduce errors
  • Web interface provides the ability to create complex, multi-branched methods
  • Drag and Drop method editor


  • Create, edit and simulate new methods while the system is operating
  • Run multiple assays simultaneously on one system
  • Utilize custom scripts within a method
  • Operate unused equipment in offline mode during protocol execution
  • Device pooling
  • Advanced I/O control


  • Multiple Robot control
  • Real time run charting 
  • Remote error notifications
  • Advanced data logging captures plate movements and time at every location
  • Remote and delayed start with logical sequencing
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant
Director scheduling software

The user interface is one of the most critical parts of any software. The text you read, the selection and inputs you enter, and the calculations you may be required to make determine how the overall system will function.

Wako Automation understands that every person thinks about these things slightly differently, and each company has unique processes and procedures. Director is built using a modern web application framework, unique in the world of scheduling software.

Director makes it simple to create custom UI’s that make sense for your workflow, minimize training, and most importantly, reduce user error. By providing full access to system APIs, customers can create their own UI or integrate to internal systems and LIMS easily.

Software Development

Software Development Kit

Advanced users can utilize the Director SDK for instant creation and rapid deployment of custom drivers and bespoke methods. The enhanced flexibility and simplistic programming techniques allow users to be as independent as they choose, while still benefiting from advanced programming services if desired. Director’s SDK provides the ability to add or change equipment on a system with no limits, forever. There are no gimmicks limiting the number of devices or equipment available for users to add or change.

plate inventory ui
Real-time inventory management

Director monitors barcodes at all stages of operation, enabling accurate snapshots of plate inventory and real-time barcode tracking. All barcode data is appended to the run logs for absolute data integrity.


Access to all logs required for 21CFR Part 11 compliance is built into Director, no add-ons required.

simulation gantt chart
Powerful Simulation

The embedded emulation processor allows protocols to be created and executed in simulation mode. All data is captured and stored in the Director database, allowing users to continually monitor performance and optimize protocols. Methods can be optimized for speed vs timing consistency and be simulated until the best balance is reached for your particular method.

Director’s web interface provides the flexibility you’re used to when browsing any website. Open Director in multiple browser tabs to maximize efficiency; for example, edit multiple methods simultaneously in different tabs, while simulating a run in a third tab, all while monitoring and tracking the progress of an active run in a fourth tab. When you walk away from the system you can still monitor an active run using the browser on your phone, tablet or office computer, as well as continue to write new methods and simulate future runs from any of your devices. Mobility is built-in to Director, no add-ons required.

digital sensors

I/O control is deeply integrated in Director. Monitor equipment CO2 and Humidity readings from incubators, or monitor and alert when waste bottles are full or supply bottles are almost empty. Monitoring can be used to trigger events, like pausing the system or sending an alert. I/O signals can also be tied to a variety of custom functions that expand your control of the system. All I/O data is logged, providing advanced tracking of every aspect of your system.

The web and modular network structure allow Director installations to be configured to your exact requirements. Instrument drivers can be installed locally on the main host PC, or on a separate PC / Server for network operation.

bar and pie chart showing device utilization

Quickly evaluate instrument utilization to identify bottlenecks and speed up processing.