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Wako Automation Microplate Lids

Minimizing Edge Effects

Wako Automation’s patented assay and storage plate lids significantly reduce edge effects.

Our proprietary microplate lids are made from stainless steel and contain a rubber gasket that sits around the top outer edge of a plate. The weight of the lid allows the gasket to form a strong barrier around the plate, virtually eliminating edge effects. These lids fit well in Wako’s automated carousels and automated cellular Incubators. Plates utilizing these lids can be automatically lidded/delidded using Wako’s robotic systems and automated delidding stations.

Cellular Assay Lids

The cellular assay lid contains small evenly placed holes that allow even temperature, humidity, and gas exchange necessary for cellular assays.

Compound Lids

No holes, no gas exchange. Used for biochemical assays or for temporary compound storage.

Contact us for information about Wako’s automated cellular incubators that produce 95+% humidity and virtually eliminate the evaporation of liquids within plates. They are ideally paired with Wako’s automated cellular lids that significantly reduce edge effects.

The manual use cellular and compound lids are more compact and fit a wider range of hotels, carousels and incubators.

All Wako microplate lids are reusable and autoclavable.

Wako Automation’s assay lids can be used with standard SBS format 96, 384, and 1536 well plates. They will significantly improve data quality when running multiday cell based assays by significantly minimizing edge effects.